With Custom Made, you will have the benefit of a team of experts working on the creation of your engagement ring, from sketch artists to CAD designers to jewelry consultants and jewelers. Best of all, everything is made in the United States, ensuring that quality control is top-notch. If you’re considering purchasing a ring for yourself, or for a loved one, it’s important to know the proper ring sizes for that particular finger. The measurement of a ring’s circumference, or ring size, differs slightly from the finger size. This is because rings are made of rigid material and do not conform to the finger’s shape.

CAD rendering of custom-made engagement ring

CAD renderings of custom made engagement rings allow the customer to see how their ring will look before it is created. The rendered image allows the client to adjust the design until it is exactly what they want. It is also useful for finalizing the price of the ring. The customer is able to view the ring from different angles.

Some customers are concerned that a CAD rendering will not be accurate. That’s because the CAD model doesn’t show the final product, and it might contain mistakes that will make the finished piece look different. For instance, the prongs may be too high. However, these prongs are necessary to secure the stone. Also, the pave detail may not match the final result. Additionally, beads used to set the stone will not be visible in the CAD rendering.

Mixing and matching diamonds

Custom made engagement rings come in many styles and designs. Many of them have several stones and are made from various metals. Some of them are made of platinum or rose gold. You can mix and match them to create a unique and personal design. Some custom made engagement rings have two to three different stones.

Mixing and matching rings are also versatile and can be used for different occasions. Keep a few plain ones for every day wear and some larger and more striking ones for special occasions. Mixing and matching rings can make any outfit more interesting, whether it’s a date or an anniversary.

Seamless halo

Seamless halo engagement rings are incredibly beautiful and can enhance any diamond center stone. These rings have a halo of accent diamonds surrounding the center diamond. There’s no dark air space around the diamond, so it sparkles with a lot more brilliance. They’re also relatively inexpensive, running from $700 to $1,500.

The halo setting is becoming increasingly popular. These rings are also customizable. They are unlikely to be identical to another woman’s ring, making them a perfect choice for women who don’t like to share their rings. Unlike traditional diamond engagement rings, these rings can be a one-of-a-kind and unique choice for your special lady.

Halo engagement rings can be a wonderful way to have a bigger ring on a smaller budget. They can make a 1 carat diamond look like a two-carat diamond. But there are a few things to keep in mind when buying a halo ring. Firstly, you should make sure the ring is made to fit your center stone. Another consideration is the shape of the halo. The halo isn’t supposed to be perfectly round.

Engraving a message inside the band

You can engrave a meaningful message in stone or precious metal on your engagement ring. You can choose from a special saying or nickname, a favorite story, or even your private jokes. A ring engraving is a great way to express your feelings in the fewest characters possible.

You can engrave a message of your choice on the inside or outside of the band, around a diamond, or around a gemstone. Engravings can also be personalized in a unique font with ornate details. You can choose from a variety of fonts, word combinations, and designs to fit the style of the ring. Some people choose to engrave their partner’s initials, which can be a fun way to express love.

To get your customized engagement ring engraved, you will have to contact a jewelry store that offers engraving services. Make sure that you read reviews and look at photos before ordering. Ensure that the jewelry store you choose is legitimate and not just a scam. Some online jewelry stores make fake reviews to attract customers.

Finding a jeweler

If you’re looking for custom made engagement rings, there are a few things you should look for when choosing a jeweler. A good jeweler has experience in customizing rings, and they can offer expert advice about the design and material selection. They can also suggest some unique engagement ring designs.

Trying on rings can be a great way to assess the quality of a jeweler’s work. Most jewelers will be happy to show off their past custom engagement rings. While this can give you a good idea of what they can do, it doesn’t guarantee the “one.”


Another important factor when choosing a jeweler is their expertise in setting stones. While almost all jewelers are competent in traditional settings like channel and bezel setting, it’s important to find a jeweler who has a wealth of experience with different styles. Be sure to request that the jeweler you select is knowledgeable in bead, cut-away, pave, and fishtail settings. Properly setting stones can make a big difference in how the piece of jewelry will perform.

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