breast surgery to treat breast cancer

Women around the world were stunned when Angelina Jolie, the famous Hollywood star. I decided to cut off her own breast. to reduce the risk of breast cancer After the doctor diagnosed Female celebrities are 87% more likely to suffer from the disease due to genetic causes. But after the actress agreed to cut off her breast เสริมหน้าอก Her risk chance had been reduced to only 5%.

          As you know, “breast cancer” is a deadly disease that kills many women around the world. And breast surgery is one method that works well. But many people who follow the news may have doubts about that. Is a mastectomy really necessary to remove the entire breast? Or is there another way Try to read about this knowledge at the jar dot com. Let’s tell each other.

          First of all, we need to know that breast cancer is a life-threatening disease. Without treatment, it will never go away on its own, so when the doctor detects that Patients with breast cancer must be treated early because if detected early and treated early, there is a chance that they will be cured. and surgery to remove the tumor or breast surgery It is considered the first step in the treatment of breast cancer today.

          There are 2 methods for breast surgery, which the doctor will consider according to the suitability of each patient. In order to achieve the best treatment results, it is

  1. Total Mastectomy

          This type of total mastectomy is a traditional method that has been done for a long time. There are 4 methods:

           Simple Mastectomy is the removal of only the breast. without separating the lymph nodes in the armpit How to use it when you are sure cancer is local If it hasn’t spread to the lymph nodes, a sentinel node will need to be done to see if the first lymph node where the cancer has spread. Are there cancer cells? If there is no spread It is not necessary to cut the lymph nodes under the armpits.

           Modified Radical Mastectomy (MRM) is surgery to remove the breast. and the lymph nodes under the armpit removed If cancer cells have spread to the lymph nodes

           Modified Radical Mastectomy with Reconstruction is a surgical removal of the breast with a Modified Radical Mastectomy, which involves removing the lymph nodes as well. And also surgery to move muscles from the back or stomach. to make breasts and nipples to reduce feelings of loss of femininity

           Radical Mastectomy is the removal of the breast with the cancerous mass. Then remove the lymph lump in the armpit area. and cut out the thoracic muscles (Pectoralis Major and Minor) as well. Because there are many complications after surgery. The doctor will choose to do it in cases that have spread to the thoracic muscles.

          The total breast surgery Will be suitable for patients with the following characteristics

           Patients who do not wish to have breast-conserving surgery

           People with a high chance of recurrence of breast cancer in that side, such as those who are young, hereditary, or have risk factors.

           People with multiple cancers in the breast or the cancer has spread

           People with cancer that are too large to have breast conservative surgery.

           People who are unable to receive radiation after surgery, for example, have contraindications, have certain congenital diseases or inconvenient to travel to shine

          For patients who have had all the breasts removed will not need to receive light irradiation again Except some patients may need to come to radiation as well. which depends on each case

  1. Breast conserving surgery (Partial Mastectomy)

           Also known as breast conserving therapy, the doctor will surgically remove only the malignant lump. But the good part of the breast remains. However, if this type of surgery is used to treat cancer The patient must be accompanied by radiation to have the same effect as a total mastectomy, otherwise the patient has a chance of recurrence of the cancer.

          For breast conserving breast surgery, there are advantages as follows:

  1. Breast can be preserved. with a shape similar to that before surgery
  2. The recovery period is faster. There is no need to lie down and stay in the hospital. Once the surgery is complete, you can go home. Or maybe stay overnight at the hospital for only 1 night.
  3. Make women not feel stressed. or uncomfortable losing a breast

          However, this breast preservation surgery Not that can be done with every patient. because there are still some groups of patients who have limitations that cannot have breast-conserving surgery, namely

           those with small breasts Because the doctor has limitations in cutting the cancerous tissue into a wide area as needed.

           Those who cannot receive radiation

           young patients or have a genetic history Because there will be a higher risk of recurrence of the disease than the general population.

           People with multiple tumors in the same breast

           People who have cancerous tumors that are too large, greater than 5 centimeters.

           People who have had radiotherapy to the chest before surgery

           People with skin diseases such as scleroderma

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