How Businesses Can Use PPC Ads Effectively

PPC ads are one of the best-known tools for getting a company’s information out there: but if done poorly, you can scare potential customers away.  If you’re ready to pull in more buyers and want to make your company the best it can be, these are the best ways to do it.

Know Where Your Customers Are

Where are your customers?  If you’re trying to sell a tech startup, you don’t want to be advertising on Instagram for the same reason that if you’re selling spaces in a retirement community, you don’t want to advertise on Twitter.

Consider where your customers are, and when you advertise, make sure it’s in a space where their eyes will be more likely to land on it.

Create an Eye-Catching Ad

The visuals matter in advertising.  Not only should your advertisement be eye-catching, but it should also be attractive and sell them an idea.  Your advertisement’s job is to grab a customer’s attention and tell them that they’re missing something: and that you have what they need.  Although you shouldn’t literally say, “we have the jacket you’ve been looking for,” showing the utility and desirability of your product or service matters.

Avoid using colors that are fully saturated and can cause eye-strain, but also avoid going simple with nothing but black and white.  This is a balancing act, but if you need inspiration, consider looking at other ads and seeing what gets your attention the most.

Lead to a Page That Matters

The landing page your ad lands on is vital to how your ad will do.  You can have the best-designed PPC ad out there: but if the page customers land on doesn’t direct them into buying or investing, it’s useless.

Don’t have them land on your front page or even on a page of a listing.  Instead, they should be led to a page that includes a link to purchase but is more about why they should purchase.  For instance, a company that sells books should link directly to the types of books they sell.

Work With Professionals

Professionals who know what they’re doing can make a huge difference in your business.  By working with a PPC agency, you get to put their endless knowledge to use without having to put in the decades they’ve spent learning and implementing it.

Although this will make advertising a little more expensive, working with professionals pays off in the end because you’ll get higher results from your advertisements, and you won’t have to play the guessing game for so long.

Use Info Gleaned From These Ads

The information you get from every ad you run matters.  Not only do these ads tell you where your customers are, but they can also help you track how long your customers are on every page of your website, what type of phrasing helps them feel the most connected, and if they return later.

Keep track of all of this information, and use it to create better ads in the future.

PPC Ads Can Change Everything

Whether this is your first PPC ad or you’ve run dozens of them, it’s important to know what you’re doing.  Follow some of these tips to get the most out of them, and watch as your company grows!

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