Which one is worth between diamond vs white sapphire?

A sapphire is a red stone with a specific chemical makeup. The crystal structure of a sapphire is unique, but similar to that of other red Stones. It has a highly convex crystal face with a large, flat, and highly arrangeable surface. Most sapphire crystal types are white in color, but there are also blue, green, and red varieties as well.

Difference between sapphire and white diamond

The main difference between sapphire and white diamond is the cut point. A sapphire cut point is the location at the center of the crystal where the crystal starts to look like it is being “welded” together. The white color of sapphire is not due to a chemical action, but rather a optical property that causes the light to be reflected and transmitted through the crystal.

Which one is worth Between Diamond and White Diamond?

The debate of diamond vs white sapphire variety is due to price first, and then the quality of the stone itself. The diamond variety is far more valuable than the white variety because it is more expensive and has a different crystal structure. These types of stones are often purchased by royalty or wealthy individuals as a wedding gift. The buying season for lab-grafted diamonds can be a notoriously difficult one. As many retailers are only willing to stock a certain number of samples, it isn’t easy to know how to proceed. Fortunately, many online retailers allow you to test drive a large number of samples to make sure you like the stone. This is particularly useful if you’re lucky enough to be located in an area with lots of testing.

What is the difference between them?

A quick look at the difference between a Sapphire and a White Diamond will show you which one is worth between $1$5,000. The main difference is in the color of the stone, while the price also differs because the quality of the stone is different. Both sapphire and white diamond are structurally unique. The sapphire crystal has a unique crystal structure with a large, concave face that is surrounded by a large volume of smaller, more convex crystal faces. The white crystal has a similar structure but is often made of a cheaper stone that does not have this unique structure.

How to Tell the Difference between a Sapphire and a White Diamond?

The most obvious difference between the two stones is in their color. In the case of a Sapphire, you will notice a white color when you look at it for the first time. If you then look at it with a light microscope, you will notice a blue color has been caused by the inclusion of a blood-red pigment. On the other hand, the White Diamond will have a black color due to the presence of an ultraviolet (UVA) pigment. This is why they are often found in hotels and other darker locations such as desert areas.


In this article, you will learn about the White Sapphires vs diamonds and their respective cut points. You also learn how to tell the difference between them. It has been said that the difference between a good and a great piece of furniture is in the second part, not the elegant design but in the finish. The finish of a piece of furniture, whether a shabby chic table or a elegant wood table, will always be more attractive with the addition of a few layers of paint. The color of a sapphire will usually be an indication of its value, while the color of a white diamond will usually mean that the stone is of poor quality. Although there are exceptions to the rule, it is always smart to consider the color of a stone before making a purchase.

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