Top 5 Must-Have Features to Consider When Buying a Kadhai Online

Kadhai holds a special place inside Indian kitchens as a versatile cooking vessel hailed for its ability to create flavorful dishes. Choosing the right kadhai for your kitchen is no big deal with the convenience of online shopping. However, you should consider some factors while buying kadhai online

1. Material and Construction

The factor we need to consider first is the material and construction of the kadhai. Kadhai can be made of various materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, non-stick, cast iron, triply, copper base etc. These kadhais have different qualities. Stainless steel kadhais are easy to clean and rust-free. Non-stick kadhais are good for low-oil fries and the release of food. Cast iron kadhai has high heat retention and is known for its durability. Copper base kadhai heats quickly and retains the high temperature.

2. Size and Capacity

This one is pretty obvious, the size and capacity requirements are different as per your need. If you are cooking for a small family or you need it occasionally, a smaller size 2-3L is sufficient. For larger families or batch cooking, use a 4-5L kadhai to accommodate your needs without overcrowding the vessel.

3. Heat Distribution and Retention

To ensure complete and even cooking, easy heat distribution and retention are important features to look for in a kadhai. Thick, heavy-bottomed kadhai are considered a better choice as they distribute heat ideally. Kadhai with these features does not overheat and helps cook evenly without hot spots and burns. Moreover, the kadhais with Triply technology distributes heats evenly and further averts the risk of overheating or burning.

4. Handles and Lid Design

Search for a kadhai with sturdy and protected handles which give a decent grip and do not heat up while cooking. While purchasing kadhai online the lid is crucial to decide upon. It should be see-through and must have a small space for the excess steam to escape. The cook can check on the cooking in real time without taking off the lid multiple times.

5. Compatibility and Maintenance

Are you someone who needs a low-maintenance kadhai? Go for Enamelled Cast Iron Kadhais or Non-Stick Triply Stainless Steel Kadhais Made with Hexaridge technology as they are very lightweight, efficient, and quite easy to maintain and store.

Assuming you utilise a dishwasher, purchase a kadhai that is viable with a dishwasher or is easy to clean.  


A kadhai is multidimensional in nature. There are a lot of expectations attached to it, especially from the modern customer. The angle of flexibility and convenience has led to the creation of modern-day cookware that is health-conscious as well as efficient. They require less maintenance and help cook faster and without any culinary blunders. It is a fantastic investment for those who love home-cooked meals.


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