Whether your knee pain is caused by a recent accident or a long-term ailment, there are a number of things you may do to alleviate your pain.

You can follow some of our suggestions below to better how your knees feel. A lot of pain will get better over time without treatment, but you can always take steps to help the healing progress to be faster.

While recovering, you may want to consider the help of a personal injury attorney if the accident occured because of someone other than yourself. If you fell on someone’s land, you could find slip and fall lawyers to assist you.

Steps To Take After a Knee Injury and Why They Are Helpful

Rest is good when your pain is new, but do not take too much time off from using your knees. When you have rested your knees for too long, the muscles that support your knees will become weak. This can lead to discomfort in your joints, making it even more painful. Instead, once ready, choose a safe workout routine for your knees and be consistent. Consult your physician if you are uncertain about whether the movements will not cause further harm.

Make it a habit to exercise. If you focus on cardio, you can help to improve flexibility and strengthen the muscles around your knee to increase support. You can add weight lifting and stretching to your routine to improve your knees even more. Other ways to exercise that are effective include swimming, getting on your stationary cycle, and walking. The Chinese martial art of tai chi can help you overcome stiffness, as well as sharpen your balance.

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Don’t take chances and possibly fall. If you are enduring pain in your knees, this can increase the likelihood of a fall, which can result in aggravating your knee injury. Ensure that your home is illuminated adequately, always use the stair railing when you walk up or down the stairs, and always make sure you are stepping on a sturdy surface when reaching for anything high.

Treat your knee injury with “RICE”, which is short for rest, ice, compression and elevation. Following this simple treatment strategy, you can minimize your pain from small injuries. Stay off your knees in the beginning so that you are giving it proper rest, ice your injured knee to minimize swelling and inflammation, wrap it with a compression bandage and remember to elevate your knee when lying down.

Lose weight if needed. Shedding a few pounds can work wonders for your knees, as it lessens the stress weight puts on your knees, especially if you are overweight. You do not need to focus on hitting your perfect weight, but instead, make little strides in weight loss and you will see how much of an impact it has.

Don’t be afraid to use a cane. If needed, utilize a cane to walk, or even a crutch. Doing so can help relieve weight from your knees and help you recover. Braces can also be beneficial.

Acupuncture should be considered. This is a traditional Chinese method of healing, where an expert pierces your skin with small needles at specific locations on the body to ease pain. It is extensively used to treat a variety of ailments, including knee pain.

Wear shoes that help with your injury. The shoes you wear should have comfortable insoles that are cushioned to help relieve knee pain. Doctors will also encourage their patients to wear special insoles with conditions like knee osteoarthritis. If you are unsure, you can always consult with your physician to identify which insole will work best for you.

Utilize cold and hot treatments, but at the proper time. During the first few days after suffering a knee injury, you want to use ice to reduce swelling and discomfort. Never use cold treatments such as ice for longer than 20 minutes each time. After those first few days, you can apply heat to your knees. Again, do this for no longer than 20 minutes and four times each day.

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