8 Basic Steps to Get Targeted Instagram Followers in 2022

Instagram offers an excellent opportunity to promote and market your products, services, company and brand. You can promote yourself as well to establish your authority in your industry. All these goals can be achieved only when you have some regular Instagram followers. At the same time, just having generic followers will not give you the results you need. It is important to get targeted followers. You can use a professional Instagram growth service like Socialpros for better and assured results.

Steps to Get Targeted Instagram Followers in 2022

There are several ways you can get targeted followers on IG.

Identify Your Target Audience

This is the first step you have to take. Rather than target all people visiting this platform, look for the IG users who are interested in your industry, business, and what you have to offer. How do you identify your target audience? There are some parameters that help identify them. If you are a local company, you will be targeting local customers from your geographical area. If your product or service can be sold over the Internet, you may be looking for national or both national and international customers. Look for the followers based on this data. What is the age range you are targeting? What do they do? Why do they use this platform? What are the pain points and challenges they face that you can solve? These details will help you determine your target audience.

Take Advantage of Keywords in Your IG Contends

The benefits of keywords are not limited to the search engines only; they work on this platform as well. People search a person, location, product, service or other things on Instagram using certain search terms. Their search text includes keywords and keyword phrases. Determine the exact search terms being used by your target customers on Instagram. Your name and username play an important role in this goal. People who already know about you will use these terms to search for you. Use only the main keywords in the name field. It will increase your name’s visibility in the search results. Avoid stuffing too many keywords, or it will affect the results negatively.

Pay Attention to the Hashtags

Written content posted on Instagram cannot be searched with keywords. It is the hashtags that appear in searches. To maximize your reach to targeted followers, include hashtags with your IG posts properly. You are allowed to use up to 30 hashtags for an Instagram post. However, even when you can post so many hashtags with each content, do not use more than 4-6 tags to maintain quality and remain focused on your target followers. Identify and use hashtags related to your specific post. Keep in mind your business goals when searching for hashtags appropriate for your post.

Targeted Followers by Niche

Instagram users keep their interests limited to certain niches. Identify followers who have an interest in your industry. For example, if you are doing something in the yoga niche, look for an audience interested in health and fitness topics. Offer these users some incentives to become your follower. Post contents they want to read, view and share. Connect with an influencer marketplace like Ainfluencer to find various niches and categories of influencers like fitness influencers to promote your IG account using the services of influencers.

Gender Specific Followers

Some products and services are limited to the people of a particular gender. Use gender specific settings to find and connect with the people who relate to your products. For example, if you are operating in the beauty industry, you are mainly looking for female followers. They are your target audience. Whether you use IG or any other marketing and promotional options, target your specific groups.

Location-based Targeting

Some businesses cater to only local residents. Some businesses target customers located all over the country, while others target both national and international groups. Identify your Instagram followers based on geo-data. You can limit who can follow you based on the country’s geo-fencing. IG lets you geo-target followers based on the country. You will get better results when you use the niche, gender and location-specific restrictions for your followers. You will need to know about thoptv download.

Use Attractive Captions

While IG is all about visual appeal, your images still need some written caption. An attractive and well-written caption will attract more followers. It increases engagement with the IG visitors. The subject of the image can be identified immediately with the caption. Place the words most important to your target audience on the upfront. The caption can be a question that a reader is looking to solve. Emojis are quite popular with social media and instant messaging app users. You can include emojis in the captions of your IG posts.

Promote Your IG Posts and Account at Other Places

Do not remain limited to only Instagram when promoting your content posted here. Use other social media channels and marketing options to increase your followers. Let everyone easily connect with your IG account. Provide an easy to share and clickable link to your account. When you make this process easy, you will get more followers. You should also prompt the readers and viewers to click on your IG link and follow you.


Instagram is an excellent platform to connect with your target audience. To increase the number of followers really interested in your account, you should use different marketing methods, including an Instagram growth service like Aigrow. Some of these options are used to improve the IG account profile and contents. Tag the people popular in your circle. Connect with your colleagues, employees, suppliers, customers and friends. Ask others to tag your IG account when their content relates to you. Use behavioral analytics to analyze the profiles of your followers. Use an Instagram followers app to check your follower metrics. All these strategies will give you targeted followers.

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