3 Small Business Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

Digital trends continue to grow and evolve as an integral part of business growth and promotion. Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new methods and tools to simplify their marketing processes and achieve more productivity. Nowadays, there’s a strong focus on customer needs, personalization, automation, etc. But what else is out there to keep up with? 

This article will give you a good view of the most popular digital marketing trends for small businesses so that you can scale your business more efficiently. 

Three major digital marketing trends for small businesses

If you run a small business and want to keep up with all the marketing trends, this guide is for you. Make sure to explore all the tips provided to level up your marketing strategy more easily. 

1. Leverage the power of automation

Artificial intelligence and the growing rise of technology allow companies to automate and simplify many boring tasks. If you have any work that gets completed daily, you can use automation strategies to get those things done by specific software. Artificial intelligence allows companies to get their work completed through tools, software, and different platforms. 

In addition, you can also use AI to work with data you’ve gata. For example, if you have a website chatbot and communicate with customers through it, you can easily gather customer data regarding their experience with your brand. Later, you can use this information to make future company decisions, choose tools for customer support, etc. Most importantly, AI is more likely to grow its significance for the business sector, so even small businesses should consider creating an automation strategy. 

2. Personalization in marketing

Nowadays, many market research jobs require candidates to be able to spot and discover what their audience wants. This is because it’s necessary to personalize your marketing strategy and adjust it to what your audience expects from you. Customers and Internet users have a huge variety of choices for buying products or using certain services when needed. With so much competition, it’s hard for small businesses to differentiate themselves and stand out from other companies in their industries. 

In this case, an effective method is a personalization strategy that helps brands show a unique approach to customers and customize their offers. Personalization is key to your digital marketing success, whether it’s about product packaging and design, the content you share, or the messages you use for communication. 

3. Social media shopping

So far, businesses have mostly used social media platforms for marketing and promotional purposes. However, with the growing popularity of Instagram shopping and other similar options, people also use social media for shopping purposes. Moreover, they expect brands to provide them with that option whenever they interact with that brand. Especially for online stores, the most popular trends include providing a smooth shopping experience on social media. 

Thanks to the growth of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, brands nowadays have the opportunity to leverage them for sales purposes as well. 


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many methods and new trends have changed in digital marketing.

Even though it’s hard to keep up with everything, small businesses can still check out the aforementioned trends and get started with them.  If you want to hire the best talent an Employer Of Record can help you.

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