In today’s world due to fast pace of world and the monotony, people often cannot think critically. Thinking critically is very important, why you may ask? The answer is quite simple and it is the number of problems that are surfacing over the time.

Newer problems are being faced by the people each day and there aren’t any viable solutions for them. So, to solve these problems and provide a solution people must be able to think critically.

The general IQ of global population has been on the decrease over the years. So, there is a dire need to provide ways to improve thinking.

Effective Ways to Improve your Thinking

You can use these ways to smarten yourself.

Before moving towards the ways, we would like to tell you that we are not providing these ways to you to judge others that if they aren’t doing these steps, they are dumb.

We are just providing these ways to let you self-evaluate yourself and improve your thinking. So, following are the ways by which you can again think critically:

1. Ask yourself questions

Ask yourself tricky questions or take questions from internet websites such as to sharpen yourself up. These questions are very hard to answer because they involve intense thinking and it will definitely improve your thinking process. The questions can be like:

  • Can eyebrows count as your facial hair?
  • Consider an ambulance is going to save someone and it crushes some other person on the way, should it stop to check on that other person or continue its journey?
  • If a person reaches the speed of light, would he survive or die? If he would survive, what superpower would he attain?

2. Improve your diet

The first and foremost thing to do to make your mind work efficiently is to improve your diet. In this current world junk food is becoming so common and first choice of people.

But in addition to obesity, it directly affects your mind in a way that your brain main parts responsible for thinking stop developing properly and eventually your IQ drops and you can’t think critically.

So, you should maintain a balanced diet that contains all the necessary carbohydrates, proteins and lipids.

3. Sharpen your memory

Keeping things and facts in memory helps a lot in thinking clearly and providing a solution because you don’t have to surf internet or open a book each time you have an idea, you can just execute it right way. By studying books and facts multiple times, one can memorize them for a long time.

  • Read books

Reading books will help you attain knowledge and will give you the essential keys that you need to open the doors of your brain. Because reading books will help you expand your imaginations and then you will able to solve those things out that you never even thought you could even think.

  • Keep updated

Always be up to date with the information and news around the world. Because only then you would be able to know about the problems that exist in this world. How can you solve a problem if you are not even aware of its existence.

Simple things like how to save money on a car loan sounds very basic but it actually trains your mind on how you can think better.

  • Spot the fakeness

When you read a lot of books and news, you are able to differentiate between something organic and something being biased. There are a lot of platforms being controlled by people and their influence that just spread fake news to derail people from thinking right.

  • Make your own analysis

Make your own opinions and analysis about the scientific articles and the news you read so that you can think more critically and proceed to problem solving.

Final thoughts

The importance of critical thinking has been explained above as well as the steps needed to achieve it and how it is diminishing from the world. So, by now we hope that you are quite confident about improving your critical thinking and are ready to solve the problems of world.

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