Sensus TouchRead: Advanced Technology for Accurate Meter Reading

When it comes to accurate meter readings, Sensus TouchRead is the advanced technology you need. With cutting-edge technologies and high-precision sensors, it offers a smart and reliable solution for reading meters. It makes use of wireless technologies to make data collection easier and faster. This helps reduce costs, human labor, and environmental impact.

The accuracy of Sensus TouchRead is unmatched in the industry. Its advanced algorithms ensure accurate readings every time. It can read meters up to 10 feet away, making it ideal for residential and commercial sites. Furthermore, its ability to capture data over a wide range of frequencies allows it to read multiple meters in one go.

How Does Sensus TouchRead Works

Sensus TouchRead uses a combination of advanced and reliable technologies to read meters. First, it uses an antenna connected to a transmitter that detects and sends signals from the utility meters. After sending these signals, it uses a specialized receiver to pick up and interpret them. The receiver then transmits this data to a cloud-based server for further processing. The system also uses a secure web portal and advanced analytics to analyze the data and provide insights that can help the utility optimize its operations. Finally, it provides an easy-to-use dashboard that allows utility operators to monitor and manage their meter readings easily. This ensures that all data is accurate and up-to-date, saving time and money for the utility.

How Data Collected by Sensus TouchRead Can Be used.

– Generating bills: The consumption data collected by the Sensus TouchRead solution can be used to generate accurate and detailed bills for each service connection. When this Data is combined with tariff information, the bill will become highly accurate, enabling utility companies to provide their customers with an accurate and transparent billing system.

– Identifying leakages: By analyzing the consumption data, utility providers can identify any abnormal usage patterns that may indicate a leakage or other issue. It can also help identify areas at risk for water loss due to aging infrastructure.

– Regulating usage: Sensus TouchRead allows utility providers to regulate usage based on collected data. This can help prevent overconsumption of resources and minimize wastage, helping to save money for both consumers and utility providers.

– Optimizing efficiency: By analyzing the data collected by Sensus TouchRead, utility providers can identify areas where improvement is needed to ensure efficient delivery of services. This might include identifying areas where energy consumption is higher than expected or uncovering trends in customer usage that could suggest ways to improve their services.

– Tracking and analyzing consumption: The data collected can be used to track and analyze consumption patterns, allowing utility providers to identify trends and make informed decisions about resource management. This Data can help identify areas where higher energy use occurs and allow utility providers to adjust accordingly. Additionally, this Data can be used to pinpoint areas where lower energy consumption occurs, enabling providers to adjust prices and other incentives accordingly.

– Budgeting and forecasting: The consumption data collected can be used to predict future consumption levels and to plan accordingly. It can be used to help prepare budgets and forecast consumption patterns. If the Data shows that consumption has increased over the past few months, budgeting for future expenses can be based on this trend.

– Maintenance planning: The data collected can also be used to schedule regular meter maintenance, ensuring that the meters are always in good working condition and can provide accurate readings. You can also use the data to spot problems early on and make necessary repairs before they become costly.

– Leak detection: The collected data can be used to detect water leaks in the distribution network. This will help reduce water wastage and save money on utility bills. You can also use the data to identify areas prone to leakage or higher than normal water consumption.

– Compliance: Data collected can be used to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and to support sustainability initiatives. You can use the data to identify areas where energy efficiency and conservation measures may be beneficial.

The Sensus TouchRead solution is flexible and can be used in various ways to meet any utility provider’s specific needs. The accurate, efficient, and precise data collection allows utility providers to make informed decisions and drive their business forward.

How to Get the Services from Aqua Metric

Aqua Metric is a company that provides a variety of services for managing water resources. They specialize in water safety, wastewater treatment and management, stormwater management, and other related services.

Getting the services of Aqua Metric is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Contact Aqua Metric: The first step is to contact Aqua Metric directly by phone or through their website. They will work with you to assess your water resource needs and provide you with a quote for their services.

2. Discuss your needs: Once you have discussed your water resource needs and the scope of work, you will need to provide them with any additional information they require, such as maps or drawings.

3. Sign the contract: After both parties have agreed to the terms of the service, you will need to sign a contract with Aqua Metric. This contract will outline all of the details of the services, including the scope of work, timeframe, and other details.

4. Schedule an appointment: Once the contract is signed and approved, you will need to schedule an appointment with Aqua Metric. They will visit your location and assess the water resource needs in person.

Why You Should Choose Aqua Metric For Your Meter Reading Services

You should choose Aqua Metric for your water resource needs for many reasons. The following are just a few:

1. Team Of Experienced Professionals

They have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing quality services and solutions for water resource management. Their extensive experience and knowledge can create customized plans tailored to their client’s needs.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology & Solutions

It uses cutting-edge technology and solutions to provide its customers with the best water resource solutions. Their advanced systems and processes allow for the most efficient management of water resources to ensure their clients are saving time and money.

3. High-Quality Services & Solutions

They provide high-quality services and solutions tailored to meet their clients’ needs. They strive to ensure their services and solutions are effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally conscious.

4. Dedicated Customer Service

The company is committed to providing exceptional customer service. They work hard to ensure their clients are satisfied with their services and solutions and meet their needs on time.

5. Proven Track Record

Aqua Metric has a proven track record of success with its water resource management services and solutions. They have successfully provided services to clients and industries, including residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial.


You don’t need to worry about wasting money on inaccurate meter readings anymore. Sensus TouchRead offers advanced technology for accurate and reliable meter readings. With its durable hardware, intuitive software, and robust communication options, TouchRead is the perfect solution for any utility organization. Whether looking for a way to improve customer satisfaction or reduce overruns, TouchRead provides the answers you need. Take the guesswork out of meter reading and start utilizing Sensus TouchRead today. With its advanced technology and reliable accuracy, TouchRead is the perfect device for any utility organization.

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