Should you clean your roof regularly? Absolutely, yes. Should you do it yourself, or should you call professional roof cleaners? It depends. 

Roof cleaning requires physical strength on top of the tools and equipment you will need. Roof cleaning Mt Pleasant companies can do the job for you. You can contact them, ask for an estimate, and close the deal. 

Regardless if you will be the one to clean the roof or you will call in professional cleaning, reading this article will be beneficial. 

Benefits of a Clean Roof


Algae and mildew can develop on leaves build-up on the roof if you don’t keep it clean. It may be challenging to cool your home during the summer and relatively warm months since these fungi end up causing the roof to absorb heat.

As a result, it also uses more energy because your air conditioner will have to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. This event can lead to an increased electric bill, and you do not want that. 


If unchecked, algae can grow on your roof and become a problem. It eats both limestone and asphalt. This indicates that these microorganisms are ingesting your shingles.

There, moss can also flourish. Moss harms roofing shingles even more. The corners of the shingles may lift or curl due to moss. Additionally, it has the capacity to retain moisture and redirect water, which leaves your roof deck vulnerable to leaks and wood rot.

These issues can lead to leakage and added repair costs. 


To continue shielding the interior of your home from inclement weather and mold growth brought on by excess moisture is one of the main reasons to maintain your roof all year long. 

By separating shingles from the roof deck, dirt and debris can also expose weak spots in a building. This can eventually result in leaks and damage to your foundation and interior. 

Curb Appeal 

The total value of a residence or piece of real estate is influenced by curb appeal. Should you choose to sell your house, a home with a subpar, algae-covered roof will appear less appealing and might serve as a red flag to prospective buyers. 

On the other hand, you still need to safeguard your investment even if you don’t have any immediate plans to sell your house. Maintaining a clean and debris-free roof is an excellent way to boost curb appeal.


Your roof may contain moss, grime, and microorganisms, which may draw various pests and cause infestations.

Before an infestation becomes out of control, stop it. By regularly cleaning your roof, you can safeguard your family and your property.

Roof Cleaning Tools 

These are tools you or a professional roof cleaning Charleston SC need to prepare before cleaning the roof. Namely:

  1. Ladder
  2. Non-slip footwear
  3. Protective gloves 
  4. Lengthened garden hose
  5. Gallons of water
  6. Broom or brush
  7. Bleach
  8. Bucket
  9. Dry/wet vacuum 
  10. Power washer (Optional) 

Signs Your Roof Needs Cleaning 


On your roof, gunk and mud can gather, causing discoloration. Discoloration can make your roof appear old, which will lessen your home’s curb appeal.

Your roof will continue to look as excellent as possible if you regularly clean it to keep the color vibrant.

Clogged Gutters 

If your gutters keep getting clogged, it may be because the leaves and other debris on your roof are dropping and accumulating in your gutter. 

Subsequently, you can determine a clogged gutter if there is unusual water leakage inside and outside the house. 

Dark Spots 

The most typical sign of mold growth is dark spots around the roof. 

As previously mentioned, mold can chip away at the actual roofing material, further jeopardizing the structural integrity of your roof.

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