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If you’re looking for a forex trading platform, then you may have heard of FTMO. The firm is a managing prop firm that provides forex trading platforms. If you’re looking for high profit splits, psychology and discipline, and a manage-prop firm, FTMO may be for you. FTMO is a forex trading platform that aims to give its users the opportunity to practice forex trading without having to pay a fee. Although it is unregulated, it features a rigorous two-step evaluation process that only allows experienced traders to qualify for professional status. For those who want to test their skills on FTMO, a free demo account is available. However, if you want to take the real test, you will have to pay a joining fee.

FTMO Is A Managing Prop Firm

FTMO is a managing prop firm specializing in forex trading. They offer trading platforms and educational resources for nearly every financial market. They also invest in new trade tracking technology. Their mobile apps enable users to track their trading habits. They provide traders with the necessary education to make the most informed decisions about their trading.

FTMO has two distinct funding programs for trading accounts at FTMO review. One offers a one-time fee, and the other is an ongoing monthly fee. Both are designed to help traders manage their risk effectively. The firm is also flexible in terms of trading styles. For instance, its Standard Challenge Accounts reward traders for consistent performance over a two-phase evaluation period.

If you’re interested in becoming a managing prop trader, FTMO is a leading choice. It has a well-established reputation and has over 6000 new members joining by 2020. FTMO also has unique analysis apps and excellent customer support. However, traders need to be careful when choosing a prop trading firm. You can compare various firms and find one that suits your needs the best.

A funded trading account is a way for traders to trade without risking their own money. However, these traders are still under the company’s rulebook, which should be followed in order to avoid financial trouble. These rules usually cover payment practices, risk management practices, and business practices. In addition, the terms and conditions of a trading company can change at any time, and a trader must abide by them.


Leverage is an important part of the trading process. It is a way to multiply your buying power and make bigger profits. Different firms offer different amounts of leverage. Some will start you with a small amount, and scale up as you prove your skill. Others will give you access to capital in multiple figures. The amount you can borrow will depend on your funded trading account. Leverage is beneficial for traders who play short-term. They are more likely to enter the market more than once a day. Traders who trade in a high-leverage style will benefit most from higher leverage rates.

In trading, leverage allows you to raise your capital and invest in different markets. If you have $1,000 in your account, you can control $100,000. This will enable you to allocate trade positions meaningfully. This is similar to borrowing money from a lender, but without the burden of commissions and interest. Leverage is a good tool for traders who want to maximize their profits. However, be careful not to leverage your trading account to the point where you risk losing your entire investment.

What’s Next?

Leverage allows you to control a large amount of capital with a small margin. Leverage is an important part of trading in the forex market. It can help you gain more money and access to expensive assets. However, it can also make your trades more risky and can lead to greater losses. You should know the risks associated with this risk before using leverage.

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