Cushion Cut Diamonds: A Classic & Versatile Shape

For brides desiring vintage allure, cushion cut diamonds evoke timeless romance. Their softly rounded edges provide a delicate alternative to princess or Asscher cuts. Cushion cuts also allow creative styling perfect for moissanite engagement rings.

Also called pillow or candlelight cuts, cushion diamonds have large, rectangular facets with gently curved sides. This gives cushions an appealing pillow-like outline mingling both curves and lines. The open facets produce exceptional brilliance and fire.

Despite their softer silhouette, cushion diamonds retain enough edge to feel contemporary. They straddle eras beautifully. With an old European charm yet modern styling potential, cushions suit most tastes.

Cushion cuts work beautifully in all types of settings from understated solitaires to bold multi-stone designs. Their versatility empowers creativity. They can be styled romantically with filigree details or in clean-lined modern settings.

Moissanite engagement rings, cushion cuts add a touch of vintage glamour. Cushion moissanites can be accented with additional moissanites or gemstones to create elaborate rings with old-world flair.

The cushion’s large facets showcase moissanite’s brilliance. Their softer outline contains moissanite’s fiery refraction better than the harsh edges of emerald or Asscher cuts. The result is a dazzling yet warm luminosity.

Finally, the cushion cut flatters most finger shapes. Its pillowed sides give balance alongside the classic round cut. For brides desiring a timeless yet unique shape or versatility within moissanite designs, cushion cut diamonds and moissanites deliver sophisticated beauty.

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