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School is where students start to develop interests and passions. A student can analyse what he wants at a very young age. But societal pressures underestimate their choices, mock them and push back. For instance, when a student lets others know he wants to become a dancer, he does not receive positive affirmations or support. He gets teased by his close circle, stating that he can’t pursue a career in dance full-time. You will receive endless hatred for the things of your choice from society if they do not like it, think that you are different from others or simply because they can’t do it. 

Let’s talk about the herd mentality and how it influences the students:

Before discussing what career counselling is, who career counsellors are and the benefits of career counselling for students, let’s see the concerns students go through if there is no proper guidance. Herd mentality affects students in many ways. It means blindly following the external source’s opinions, choices or suggestions without giving them a second thought. For instance, a student’s close circle comprises friends, parents, siblings and relatives. Herd mentality is when they choose the same career path or choice as their close ones for themselves. They easily get influenced by their decisions and want the same things. A student taking up medicine just because his best friend selected that and a student pursuing law just because his father is a Lawyer are perfect examples of Herd mentality. Herd mentality hinders students’ original interests and acts as a mirage to their potential. 

Coercing and how it influences students:

Coercing happens ordinarily in Indian households. Parents and relatives who believe they are in charge of the next generation force them with their career aspirations or what they feel is perfect for their children. They do not consider to ask their wishes or dreams also. They want them to become an Engineer, Doctor, CA or professors and mint money. A father compelling his son to do a management course to take over his family business and a mother forcing her daughter to opt for a teacher training course just because she wanted to become a teacher at a young age are examples of coercion. Influencing students make them walk past their passion, leaving their dreams and interests behind.

All you need to know about career counselling:

Career counselling is a structured procedure which helps students understand their cognitive ability, capacity, personality traits and behavioural aspects. The schema chart of Career Counselling Companies in India comprises psychometric assessments, career assessment reports, individual counselling, action plan,s and expert connects. Career counselling does not limit to simply giving career suggestions but enhances the overall personality of an individual. It helps one understand themselves better and prepares one to make illuminated and futuristic educational, career and personal life decisions. Career counselling assists students in improvising their self-discovery, self-realisation and patience levels. It teaches students the significance of their choices and how they will serve the purpose of their lives. 

Career Counsellors and their roles:

Career counsellors are professionals who have graduated in Psychology or Behavioural Science. They have extensive knowledge of different career options and the methods and techniques to handle their clients’ career-related concerns. A career counsellor acts as a bridge between your passion and career. They provide suggestions and assist you in choosing a stream, course, job, etc. They always have a backup option as alternate careers for their recommendations. They possess patience, compassion, active listening skills, unbiasedness, non-judgemental behaviour, etc. Career counsellors evaluate your behaviour, attitude, capacity and ability to align a suitable career pathway. 

Psychometric assessments and their advantages:

Psychometric assessments are scientifically proven sets of questions to analyse an individual’s mind. The three vital sub-divisions of psychometric assessments are personality, aptitude and interest tests. Psychometric assessments help showcase an individual’s strengths and weaknesses along with his potent skills, abilities and core interests. Psychometric assessments are valid, credible and authentic. One can rely upon these tests to make crucial career choices since they are unbiased and non-discriminatory. The reports help students choose a career that fits their values and personalities. Some tests are numerical, spatial, diagrammatic and verbal abilities, logical, inductive, deductive reasoning, etc. 

How a career counselling process flows?

After the psychometric assessments, computerised test reports get generated. Based on the review, a counsellor will sit with an individual to discuss their record and provide workable suggestions. Counsellors will talk to the clients to get to know their concerns, match their issues and reports and align a suitable career path. They help them set realistic goals. Counsellors, once, after making recommendations, generate a customised action plan for their clients to make them stay on track and achieve their targetable goals. They also connect their clients with a field expert to know the nature of work and culture. Expert connections give students an immense knowledge of A to Z of a particular career. It helps keep students motivated. 

How career counselling helps school students?

Online Career Counselling in Delhi helps students in,

  • Deciding the best career choice for themselves by setting a career goal and chasing it accordingly.
  • Help students get to know the availability of different careers worldwide.
  • Help identify their strengths and weaknesses and choose a career based on their core abilities and skills.
  • Assist students in developing the necessary skills and traits to achieve their goals targeted.
  • Help resolve students’ career-related confusions and doubts in choosing a stream, course, field, etc.
  • It strengthens students’ decision-making and critical thinking skills and enhances their overall personalities.
  • Help students improvise their self-confidence and self-esteem levels. 


Schools and colleges should organise career guidance programs to help students. The program gives students an awareness of the availability of different career options. It also accounts for their skill enhancement. Apart from counselling, the counsellors will help you improvise your life, social and personal development skills. Career counselling has become a need than a mere luxury. Counsellors adhere to their professional ethics and confidentially maintain things. So, there is no space for fear.

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