5 Slick European Car Features Car Enthusiasts Dig

They say the best things in life cost a little extra, which is undoubtedly true with European cars. While they cost more than their American counterparts, they also offer fantastic features that European automakers have incorporated into their models for years. Here are five of these things and what makes them great.

Compared to American cars, are European cars better?

Depending on what you are after.

Let us say you want a smooth, comfy ride and do not care about handling or performance. Then, European automobiles are typically superior to American cars.

Due to their additional padding and softer suspensions, European cars are often more comfortable than American vehicles. They frequently ride more quietly and comfortably as well.

This is not to claim that all European automobiles are superior to all American ones; there are many exceptions; nonetheless, in terms of comfort, European cars tend to be superior to their American equivalents.

Quick-Release Lights

You may have seen these bright little lights on European cars. So if you need to change a tire or check under the hood in an emergency, all it takes is a simple twist of the knob since they are quick-release and easy to remove, s. Your lights are released from their mounting brackets.

The fact that they are quick-release means they can be taken off without having to unscrew anything else–you do not have to worry about losing any parts while changing out your tires or checking under the hood at night!

Keyless Entry and Start

The keyless entry and start feature allows you to lock or unlock your car using the key fob without inserting it into the ignition. It also allows you to start the engine without pressing buttons on either side of your steering wheel.

This feature has become popular in America recently, although it has been around since 2008. It is easy to see why: it is convenient and adds an extra layer of security (if someone steals your keys while they are still inside). Some people find this system more reliable than standard keys because there is no risk of losing them or locking yourself out of your vehicle!

Blind Spot Monitoring

Blind-spot monitoring is a feature that helps you see what is behind you while driving. It uses sensors to detect other cars in your blind spots and alerts you when they get too close. When this happens, a light on the side mirrors or dashboard will flash and beep to let you know another vehicle is in your blind spot.

This can prevent accidents because it lets drivers know when they need to move over or slow down–it gives them an extra measure of awareness about their surroundings. Hence, they are more prepared for what is coming up next on the road. However, if you are unlucky, European auto body repair in Houston can always help.

Touchpad Or Touchscreen Controls

Touchscreen controls are more intuitive than physical buttons. They are easier to use and make the car feel more advanced. They are also more durable than physical buttons, which can be damaged by exposure to water or other elements.

Touchscreens can be used for many purposes: controlling in-car infotainment systems, interacting with other car features such as climate control, and even unlocking doors or starting engines!

Remote Engine Start

Remote engine start is one of those features that can be useful in many situations. An example is if you are in cold weather for a long and want to warm up your car before getting in. In that case, remote engine start allows you to do so without waiting. This makes this feature especially appealing for those who live in parts of the country where winter lasts six months (or longer).

Remote engine start also comes in handy when leaving an AC-equipped vehicle parked outside on hot days; press a button from inside or outside your home and enjoy the cool air while waiting for passengers or other tasks!

What car enthusiasts crave.

Car fans lust after the beautiful features found in European vehicles. They boast exceptional technology, significant levels of comfort, and style. But what distinguishes them from their American counterparts is how effective they are. This lets you travel further on less gas, saving you money at the pump.

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